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4 Reasons Why Eggwhite is Egg-cellent Choice for Weight Loss

A little quiz for you. Can you name the food item that is incredibly nutritious, available across all the parts of the world and could be found in the platter of a wealthy person and also in the plate of a common man? And, most importantly, it is easy to cook and most economically friendly.

Even if the title is not there, it is no brainer to say that we are talking about ‘Egg’. This tiny little bundle of nutrition  is all you want to be healthy and deserves respect from people who are in need of almost all types of health requirements.

As much as it’s highly recommended for all people, the egg yolk is often related to not-so fats and the white is to healthy fats. And, it is medically proven, too, that egg white can do wonders if you take it regularly for weight loss.

This part of egg contains not just healthy fats but also the essential vitamins and minerals. All this included making them an Egg-cellent food choice for weight loss. Deep dive into the blog as we talk about what makes eggs so good for losing weight.

Egg white will make you feel full –

  • One rule for losing weight is eating less, without missing the essential nutrients. This is what eggs are egg-pert at.
  • Egg white makes you feel full, thanks to its high-quality protein content. This feeling of fullness leads to less intake of food and so the additional calories.
  • Satiety Index Scale (SIC) also claims that eggs increase the gap between each meal and also controls the craving for additional snacking.

Egg white is low in calories and free of cholesterol –

  • Given around 65% of its protein content, eggs are left with very minimal room for calories which could be considered as a boon to lose weight.
  • Even though eggs as a whole contain fats, egg whites in particular contain totally zero cholesterols.
  • This makes eating egg white healthier than eating the whole egg in weight loss. But further research needs to be conducted to concrete this statement.
  • Considering all this, eating egg white as instructed by your dietician has added an advantage in weight loss.

Egg white is the way to start your day –

  • Breakfast is considered as one of the essential meals of the day as it has to provide energy compensating for the 8-hour gap.
  • Probably there couldn’t be any food option other than eggs to fulfill the energy needs of people who are looking to lose weight.
  • Eggs at breakfast are better than any other food as they help feeling full, leading to consuming fewer calories in the day.
  • This effect of fullness does not just last for the day but few studies have suggested that this feeling lasts for a whopping 36 hours.
  • Two numbers of egg white and a few vegetables are all you need to prepare a perfect breakfast.

Egg white helps in boosting the metabolism –

  • Studies have proven that consuming high-quality egg protein  has the ability to boost metabolism by around 100 calories a day which is great!
  • This effect is termed as the thermic effect of food (TEF) and the body needs more of this effect while metabolizing food than the fats or carbs.
  • And this makes eggs, the high protein foods, as the food that boosts metabolism and helps in losing weight.

Apart from these four advantages of egg white and eggs as a whole, the preparation is way easier than other foods. Eggs will gel in well with all types of cuisines and it takes hardly any time.

Having said that, egg white is not for all body types as they may trigger irritation or some type of allergies. Even though the percentile of these types of cases is pretty low, it is always recommended to check with a certified dietician before consuming egg white.


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