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7 Best Protein Food Resources for Vegetarians

Being a vegan makes you weak! How can you get your protein if you are not eating meat? Meat is the only option for you to gain muscle and strength – We all have tired of hearing these opinion-biased statements whenever you say you are a vegetarian. These statements could not be farther away from the truth.

The time for practising veganism could not be perfect than now as the whole world is realizing the strength of vegetarian diet. Gone were the days when strength used to be a synonym of meat-based diet.

To concrete it further here are a few athletes and sports personalities who have proved that you don’t have to be an omnivore to do wonders on the field where nothing but your strength determines your success.

The stories of recent record breaking performances by world’s best athletes who are also vegans such as 6-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, UFC champ Nate Diaz, tennis star sisters Serena and Venus Williams, and track and field athlete Carl Lewis who went on to break multiple world records in long jump are just a few examples for the power of vegan diet.

Having said that not everyone who eats meat are getting their fair share of protein  and this is the same case with the people who follow veganism. You need to understand your body’s requirements and then follow a full-fledged diet pattern to see the results.

There would be many resources for you to understand and maintain your diet plan if you are a meat-based diet person. The same is not the case for the vegetarians, even though more and more people are realizing the importance and the benefits of plant-based diet, there are less resources to know more about it.

If you are a plant-based diet person, this is for you! Continue reading the blog to understand where exactly you could find abundant resources for your daily dose of protein.

  • Peanuts – These tiny, crunchy huts of healthy fats are also major sources for abundant healthy proteins. They contain a whopping 20 grams of protein for a half-cup. In addition, there is enough evidence to prove that peanuts improve the overall wellbeing of heart by preventing the formation of plaque in blood vessels.
  • Almonds – The vitamin E rich food boasts enough protein and provides sufficient even if you take as low as five almonds per day. Almonds are also highly recommended for healthy eyes and skin.
  • Lentils – You can find an array of them but set your eyes on red and green lentils as they are rich in protein, fibre, iron and much more. Every half-cup of lentils contain around 8 grams of protein.
  • Chickpeas – Thank yourself if you were eating chickpeas all this while without knowing the goodness of them. Chickpeas are protein rich and you could used them in almost all verities of dishes. They blend well with any maincources or snacks.
  • Potatoes – It could be seen as one of the largely consuming vegetables across the globe. A large potato provides around 8 grams of protein. Isn’t it reason enough for you to give it a permanent place in plant-based protein diet?
  • Chia Seeds – Good for heart, improves digestion, perfect solution for bloating and the benefits of chia seeds go on. They can also be your best go-to source for protein as they contain 2 grams of protein for every spoon you consume. Count your protein by counting on chia seeds.

You can also give room on your plate for spirulina, quinoa, kale, mushrooms, and beans coupled with rice. Not just these are rich in protein but also you can use them in a myriad of dishes to savour the goodness of health in the form of your every day meal.

Vegan diet, in any way, is lesser than the meat-based diet. In fact, it has many advantages than the latter. Know your vegan diet sources better and have a healthy life ahead!

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