Best Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Everything said and done let’s agree on the fact that losing or gaining weight in the healthy way is not a simple task but again it is also not impossible. There are so many things that come to you seeking attention and you ought to justify all their demands no matter what!

When someone opens their browser and type ‘ best pre and post diet supplements’, it is very much understandable that you have already started making what seemed to have appeared impossible and you are already sweating out hard.

If you keep the minuscule tasks involved in weight gaining or losing, you could boil down major aspects you should focus on as diet, physical activity and lifestyle. Physical activity and lifestyle could be taken care of with a little-bit of commitment and dedication.

Diet is that one aspect that determines the output giving less chance to the other two aspects. However, there is so much confusion about diet. This is an attempt to clear the clouds and help you achieve that healthy body shape you have been craving for.

Why Diet is So Important?

Ask the same question to any fitness enthusiast or a fitness coach, they could probably enlight you for a considerably long time! You cannot blame them as it has pivotal importance in losing or gaining weight.

Every step involved in what goes inside your stomach has a tremendous impact on the outcome. It’s not only about what you eat and how you eat but also when you eat. Also, it depends on your goal as well. Weight loss diet differs from weight gain diet and it applies to the pre post nutrition too. This article is to help people who want to build muscle.

Best Pre-workout Diet:

Our body is a powerhouse and the energy you have been saving for a long time needs to be burned and it eventually happens after one or two month’s time into the workout. After that your today’s meal is going to fuel your tomorrow’s workout.

You don’t want your pre workout supplements or meals to top up your sugar levels. Here is when you have to make the right choices. The ideal pre workout diet in most cases would be pre-workout health supplements. If you want to take a meal, you could go for corb-based diet in combination of healthy fats and protein.

Pre-Workout Food Choices:

Segregate your consumption of pre-workout diet into three categories – what to eat before 3 hours, before 1 hour and right before the workout.

You could go for certified pre-workout supplements, sprouts, big green smoothies, and peanut butter. Glucose rich foods such as bananas, grapes, dates and plums, right before the workout would be a better choice. . However, these are general choices and you could consult your dietitian to know what suits your body-type the best.

Best Post-workout Diet:

Here comes the most crucial part of the diet. Intense workout means your body has drained all its energy and caused damage to the muscle fibers. The diet you consume during this time should repair these muscle fibers and help them in building fast. A protein-based diet (but not heavy meal) would be an ideal option such as a protein-snack bar.

You can take protein sources such as chicken, sweet potato, quinoa and taking other protein-rich foods as suggested by your physician would be a good idea.


There are so many factors that you should consider before choosing your pre and post workout nutrition . Your age, geographical location, the time of your diet, and the ingredients of it, everything can influence the outcome when it comes to losing or gaining weight.

There is a lot of information available on the internet that talk all about workout nutrition and best supplements. Irrespective of the intactness of this information, following any diet blindly can land you in trouble. Always consult your dietitian and follow the instructions of your certified fitness expert for better results.


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