connection between sleep and muscle growth

The Connection Between Sleep and Muscle Growth (Explained!)

Have a simple question for you. What are the basic needs of life? You might say food, water, clothes, house and the list goes on. And in most cases, sleep is not included in that list. We often forget the pivotal importance of it in our life and think sleep is a thing of the weak.

On the contrary sleep is what makes us stronger. In fact it is one of the key elements in our life to gain physical and mental wellness. In fact sleep is a deciding factor in a person’s overall well being.

What is the ideal sleep time?

But how much sleep one does need is a question that can be answered by the individual. Each individual’s sleep patterns would be different and this impacts the number of hours as well.

Few people can get completely recharged – both physically and mentally within 6 hours and a few require a strict 9 hours of sleep. Your body will tell how much you need if you can listen to it closely.

Importance of sleep in muscle building –

After devicing muscle gain diet plan, sleep hours would be the next question in front of the fitness enthusiasts and gym goers.

Determining the sleep hour is extremely important because no matter how much harder you push the limits and no matter how carefully designed your diet plan is, if there is no sufficient sleep, you are losing the game already. 

The reason being muscle grows when the body rests and sleep is the only rest the body could take. Sleep deprivation not only slows down your muscle gain but also influences your water-body and fat-body weight significantly.

The science behind muscles and sleep –

Lie down, eyes shut down and drift away into the world of sleep – many think that is it about sleep. But there are different stages and patterns in it. And these patterns will be different from person to person.

Hang on as we explore different sleep stages, how to find your pool and the benefits of it in this blog. Continue reading ahead.

Stage 1:

Light Sleep – Your eyes are closed and the brain’s wave patterns connect with muscle memory to learn that day’s muscle movements. You would be in the middle of sleep and wakefulness.

On an average this stage lasts for a combined 40-60 minutes of an 8-hour sleep night in a healthy person.

Stage 2:

Semi-Deep Sleep – The brain crosses the first hurdle as light sleep and prepares the body for a deep sleep. In this relaxed state, brain activity slows down and the body produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is responsible for the growth of muscle tissue. 

The person will be in this stage for 3-4 hours and the activity of metabolism regulation starts here.

Stage 3:

Deep Sleep – This is the crucial stage in a person’s sleep activity as a plethora of functions take place in this stage. There will be enhanced blood supply, increased secretion of HGH and repair of damaged muscle tissue, and various other activities are carried out in this stage.

Muscles get enough rest and the person feels recharged and fresh based on the longevity of this state. It lasts for 90-120 minutes.

Stage 4:

The Rapid Eye Movement State – The brain feels the muscles are paralysed and increases eye movement to bring wakefulness by firing up its activity again. In fact, this is when the person gets dreams mostly. Muscles are provided with extra oxygen to break down the built up lactic acid and to repair the minor tears in the muscles.

This stage lasts for about 60 minutes and is considered extremely important for muscle repair and to prevent triggering points.


If you feel tired and muscle pain, you did not have adequate sleep last night. If you are energized and fully fired up, you hit the bottoms of deep sleep or rest. 

Sleep can do exactly the same what the best diet plan and best protein powder for muscle growth  can do. It deserves enough time as requested by your body. It’s no brainer to find how much sleep you need, especially if you are working out.

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