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Tips to Choose the Best Protein Powder

Pain becomes the only companion and sweating more appears like the sole purpose of life. Imagining the ideal physic becomes the only thought in mind and giving lectures on the importance of being fit in life will become the only topic. The initial days of every gym goer could not get more excited!

Besides the excitement, you will also start searching for the healthy diet options out there, so that you can ensure that you are making the most out of your workouts. One way to ensure that taking the required supplements in the form of protein shakes. Protein supplements provide your body with the much needed nourishment.

However, not all protein powders are meant for your cause. You have to choose your protein based on your requirement. Different needs such as losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving your energy and enhancing the overall wellbeing, need different protein supplements. But how exactly you can find your supplement?

To know what suits for you, need to understand the types of protein powders available in today’s market. Continue reading the blog to know the types of protein supplements and their uses.

Here are Some Protein Powder Types –

  • Whey Protein – One of the most widely used protein powder and suitable for everyday use. Rich in amino acids, it helps in reinstilling the energy levels in body and reduces stress.
  • Soy Protein – Another widely used protein product. It is recommended for people who are likely to get osteoporosis or for women who are nearing the menopause stage as it helps in building the bone strength.
  • Egg Protein – Considered as an alternative for the whey protein powder, egg protein is used after workout drink.
  • Milk Protein – Known for enhancing muscle growth and the overall functionality of the immune system.
  • Plant-based proteins – Rice protein, hemp protein and pea proteins are known as plant-based protein sources. These are the best protein supplements for vegetarians.

Protein Powders to Lose or Gain Weight –

  • Losing Weight – If losing weight is in your mind, stay away from the protein powders that contain sugars or the dextrins or the maltodextrins. Also, stay away from BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) as they help in muscle gain.
  • To Build Muscles – If you are looking for a protein powder for muscle gain, opt for whey protein or whey isolates as they have the better biological consumption value.

Protein Powders Based on Your Health Condition –

  • Kidney-Related Health Issues – Powders with decreased levels of protein content are the best option for people who have kidney-related health issues. Based on your doctor’s recommendation, you need to regulate your protein consumption.
  • People with Diabetes – There is a simple way to find the best protein powder for people with diabetes! If sugar is not listed in the top 3 ingredients of the protein powder. However, seek your doctor’s advice before consuming any type of protein powder.
  • People with Gastrointestinal Issues – People with these health issues are sensitive to lactose. Avoid using powders that contain artificial sweeteners and dextrins or maltodextrins.

Not just in finding the right whey protein powder but gaining or losing muscle also depends on the time when you consume the protein shake. If you are looking for muscle growth, you need to consume the protein with the first 30 minutes of the workout.

If you are looking to lose weight, do not take your protein before or after the workout. Instead, you can take it along with the prescribed diet by your dietician.

Everything Counts –

Each body is unique and demands an ideal diet plan that complies with the needs of the person. In your efforts of being fit, every minute detail counts. You require advice from the dietician as in which protein powder you should take, when you should take and how much you should take. 

Consider all these aspects and choose the powder that helps you achieve your goal. Because the diet is as much important as your workout at the gym. Do not let your pain wash away by selecting the inappropriate protein powder. To choose to be fit you need to choose your supplements wisely!

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